Voting results of proposal to stop DMD/EOS-LP and HUB/EOS-LP

Dear community, after one day of voting, the voting results of this proposal were voted by the community DMD holders. The option “Stop DMD/EOS LP and HUB/EOS LP mining at the same time” was finally passed with a voting weight of 29333, accounting for 97.1% of the total votes.

Therefore, we will execute according to the results of the community voting. While starting DMD/EOS LP and HUB/EOS LP mining in DolphinSwap at 2020–09–20 13:00 UTC, we will stop DMD/EOS LP and HUB/EOS LP on the Diamond platform.

DolphinSwap is an N-dimensional automated marketing protocol. DolphinSwap’s liquidity pool supports up to eight currencies and will allow you to customize the proportion of each token and the fee of the pool. It is a universal decentralized exchange.


亲爱的社区,历经一天投票,本提案的投票结果由社区DMD持币成员投票产生,选项“同时停止DMD/EOS LPHUB/EOS LP挖矿”最终以投票权重29333,占投票总数的97.1%,通过。

因此,我们将根据社区投票结果执行,在2020–09–20 13:00 UTC启动DolphinSwap中DMD/EOS LP和HUB/EOS LP挖矿的同时,停止Diamond平台上的DMD/EOS LP及HUB/EOS LP的投票。


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