The Status Quo and Breakthrough of EOS | Introducing EOS Vault and Machine Gun

Before we dive into the EOS vault and machine gun in EOS, we can take a look at what happened to EOS in the past half-year. From the price chart provided by CoinGecko, it can be seen that BTC nearly doubled in price, surging from $5,000 to $10,527; ETH tripled in price, realizing a jump from $110 to $340, and EOS increased from $1.88 to $2.57.

Price charts (Mar 12 to present); Source: CoinGecko

We can’t help but ask, what exactly happened to EOS, comparing to ETH and BTC?

We saw the shutdown or migration of wallet developers, the dying out of many DApps, the close of EOSPark, and 0xGames. We are experiencing a great brain drain of developers, and the community is becoming gradually quiet and inactive.

What we see is a sea of disappointment, anger, frustration, and regret.

With the lack of funds and vigor, nodes being controlled, the community is done with waiting, with the thoughts of “what if”, and they are done with the fact that adoption is only a fantasy. EOS is supposed to be a free community. However, it does not demonstrate any sort of prosperity due to the controlled nodes. There is no cash flowing into the community and the blood of the whole ecosystem has been sucked by dangerous vampires.

It seems like there is no hope left in EOS. However, the fact is, the strength to change the situation has long been held in the hands of all EOS holders, without realization of the true value of their tokens. Neither have they found the perfect solution to fight back.

Anti-bribery and one token one vote are as unrealistic as floating gardens.

In the past, holding EOS in an exchange means that you have to give up your participation in the community governance while voting to mean that you have to stake the tokens and give up trading. You cannot trade and vote simultaneously. The differences between the western and eastern cultures, in terms of the meaning of community, make it very hard to realize governance and consensus. In the world of trading, price is always more important than its hidden value. What we need to do is not only to realize its value but also to magnify its hidden value.

Overturn the old rules and present the truth:

Your EOS = trading right + governance right + value-added right

The incompatibility of trading and governance rights will become history. Holders of EOS can trade anytime and have the right to participate in governance at the same time. With the value-added right, you will be allowed to get extra returns on your EOS holding. You no longer need to gain profits from the fluctuation of price and frequent trades. All of these are what is needed for an EOS vault.

About EOS Vault

The EOS Vault is similar to a traditional bank. When you deposit to a bank, a record will be generated in your account, showing that you have a deposit. The EOS Vault is a place where you deposit your EOS tokens, and like a bank, it will give you a deposit certificate. You will be able to trade with the certificate or return the certificate to the vault in exchange for your EOS tokens and interests.

The sources of your interests are governance rewards, liquid rewards, and machine-gun rewards.

About EOS Machine Gun

The EOS Vault and EOS Machine guns have different functions. The EOS Vault is mainly for the deposit and withdrawal of EOS assets, while the Machine Gun is used for searching for the investment opportunities with the highest yields and invest.

One of the priority aims of the EOS Machine Gun is bp voting. We expect to activate the strength of the EOS ecosystem by the community’s strength. Apart from maintaining the stability of nodes, we also aim to see the return of node rewards to users and the development of the community.

To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.