Recent Work Disclose

  1. DolphinSwap optimization: add market-making time and filter transaction records (will be updated this week)
  2. Restart DMD-DAO (we are collecting proposals and ideas, please feel free to let us know)
  3. Mining weight adjustment (PBTC/EOS 1x->2x, CASH/EOS 2x->1x, adjust time 2020.11.20 08:00 UTC)
  4. Rethinking the positioning of dEOS, needs to regroup
  5. HUB (under development, we will disclose the roadmap and timeline ASAP)
  6. DOP-DAO will be launched on Dec 20th
  7. Help EOSPOLY team to restart CASH (the new plan has been completed, EOSPOLY is doing its best to develop, and it is expected to restart next week)



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To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.