Over-subscription Auction Round Disclose

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Thanks for the community’s support. The Over-subscription Auction Round is ended. We have received totally 7,638,079.80 USDT, which has surpassed 600k for almost 13 times ! And the price will be 1 HUB = 1.5 USDT.

We have returned all the unused funds. And token will be sent to your account in 10 minutes after HUB’s listing on DEX ( swap )

Listing Date : 2020–09–09 04:00 UTC

Over-subscription Auction Round List

感谢社区的支持。超额认购拍卖结束。我们总共收到了7,638,079.80 USDT,几乎是超过60万的13倍!价格为1 HUB = 1.5 USDT。

我们已退还所有未使用的资金。 HUB在DEX (swap)上上线后,令牌会在10分钟内发送到您的帐户

上线交易日期:2020–09–09 04:00 UTC



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