HUB listing & new mining pools

Dear community, we are here to announce that the listing time is confirmed at 2020–09–09 08:00 UTC. And will be listed at DFS (

At the same time, we will list mining pool for HUB and DMD/EOS-LP. About the DMD/EOS-LP pool, we will direct you to DFS to provide liquidity for DMD/EOS pair.

All HUB tokens will start to be vested after the HUB is listed at DFS for 10 minutes.

HUB token contract :


尊敬的社区,我们在这里宣布,代币上线时间已确定为2020–09–09 08:00 UTC. 并将在DFS(上列出。

同时,我们将推出HUB和DMD / EOS-LP的挖矿池。关于DMD / EOS-LP池,我们将引导您到DFS,以为DMD / EOS交易对提供流动性。




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