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The Diamond Platform ( DP ) will aggregate various DeFi projects on EOS. When users stake, DP will automatically allocated the funds to the targeted DeFi project with the highest revenue.

DeFi is a financial product based on blockchain, which is decentralized without any centralized organization.

Diamond Vault, will use the best strategy to get the best return on the user’s funds among DeFi products. The revenue strategy will always change and progress to adapt to the development of DeFi industry.

DP will significantly reduce the DeFi barriers to let users participate. Users no longer need to understand all kinds of complex financial and blockchain vocabulary. They only need to deposit funds in DP to get a good income.

Diamond (DMD) is the governance token of DP, total supply is 30,000, no pre-mine, no founders, no VC interests, equality for everyone.


As long as you hold and stake DMD token, you can vote for the future of the Diamond Platform, namely DIP (Diamond Improvement Program), to build the future of Diamond together.


Among the 30,000 DMD. The reserved 5,000 will be used to be voted by DMD holders, to choose the mining pool.


A proportion of vaults income will be distributed to the DMD revenue pool, which will share a certain part of the pool. As long as you stake your DMD, you will share the profit.


The other parts of the DMD revenue pool will be used to buyback DMD token and all the buyback token will be burned.


The MultiSig will be improved step by step, we will do a few rounds to add partners to ensure the security.

First Round will include 4 teams.

Second Round, EOSWriter, StartEOS, EOSeoul, eosDAC, Newdex are on the candidate list, we welcome more BPs to participate.

Third Round, this would be totally decided by the DMD holders, we suggest that new participants should hold at least 1 DMD, but this will be decided by the community.

DMD is a very valuable and high-risk asset. As the first DeFi lock-up mining project on EOS, it activates the entire EOS ecosystem and has the largest DeFi community recognition.

At last, all that we believe, EOS is the best platform for DeFi. Our goal is to build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.




To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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