DolphinSwap will be launched after audit

Dear community, DolphinSwap has currently completed the development work and has undergone internal testing. DolphinSwap supports multiple proportional market-making mechanisms, making its code structure and complexity much higher than ordinary 50/50 market-making swaps, and it also brings more challenges on security and stability.

Therefore, to ensure the safe and stable launch of DolphinSwap, the EFi team decided to change DolphinSwap, which was originally scheduled to be launched on October 4, to go online after passing a security audit. The code will be submitted to the audit company on October 4th. The original plan for liquid mining in DolphinSwap V1 was temporarily changed to 60,000 per week, and dEOS/EOS LP mining will be added. After the audit passed, DolphinSwap V1 will be launched and the original liquid mining plan will be restored, that is, 240,000 in the first week, 180,000 in the second week, 120,000 in the third week, and 60,000 per week thereafter.

Regarding the experience of DolphinSwap, the EFi team will continue to explain to the community through videos and tutorials.

Also, the vault code has been submitted to the audit company.

To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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