DolphinSwap LP mining adjustments | Add pBTC/EOS

Dear community,
As we mentioned before, the DolphinSwap LP mining reward will be changed to 60k from this week. But we got many suggestions from the community to slow the halve, we sincerely appreciate that.

With a full discussion on this topic, we believe it is a good choice to slow it down, so the LP mining reward will be reduced by 20k weekly, and stop reducing when it reaches 60k per week, so it would be 100k this week. And this strategy could be changed according to the market and community.

Meanwhile, the following is the adjustments of DolphinSwap LP mining pairs:

Image for post
Image for post

Effective time:
2020–11–09 11:00 UTC

The DOP Staking Vault has been changed since 2020–10–29 08:00 UTC. Due to the weight change, DOPs that have been deposited (more than or equal to one month) will have one chance to get them back before 2020–11–12 04:00 UTC. Users who need to change please make adjustments in time! For more details, please visit here!

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