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DolphinSwap is an N-dimensional automated marketing protocol. DolphinSwap’s liquidity pool supports up to eight currencies and will allow you to customize the proportion of each token and the fee of the pool. It is a universal decentralized exchange.

Why DolphinSwap?

More flexible market-making capital ratio

Customization of global liquidity and trading fees

Automated portfolio management tools

Index funds need to be managed, however, and fund managers will charge investors for managing index funds. The advantage of the DolphinSwap liquidity pool is that it can automate index funds through arbitrager participation, without hosting, decentralizing, not only paying fees but also charging fees.

DolphinSwap will provide a more complete and flexible decentralized trading scheme and build a larger DEX ecology.

DolphinSwap Token, DOP

Total supply: 6,000,000

Token distribution:

Start at 2020–09–20 13:00 UTC

End at 2020–10–04 13:00 UTC

(2) Liquidity mining: the DolphinSwap V1 will go online and start mining after Genesis mining.

4% of the total supply in the first week, or 240,000

3% of the total supply in the second week, or 180,000

2% of the total supply in the third week, or 120,000

1%, or 60,000, will be released weekly, with a total supply of seven weeks.

The release in the first three months totals 24%, and the release after three months will be determined by the DOP holder’s vote. The community governance proposal will be officially launched one month after Genesis mining.

The following transactions will be able to participate in Genesis mining for LP:

10 times the initial weight of DOP/EOS LP

5 times the initial weight of DMD/EOS LP

5 times the initial weight of HUB/EOS LP

DOP holders will have the following rights and interests:

(2) DolphinSwap’s transaction trading fee will be paid 80% to the liquidity provider, 15% will automatically repurchase DOP and burn it, and 5% will be used to repurchase DMD and hand it over to DMD-DAO for processing.











(1) 创世挖矿:总计持续2周,产出总量的8%,即480000

开始时间2020–09–20 13:00:00 UTC

结束时间2020–10–04 13:00:00 UTC

(2) 流动性挖矿:创世挖矿结束后DolphinSwap V1将上线,并开启流动性挖矿







DOP/EOS LP 初始权重10倍

DMD/EOS LP 初始权重5倍

HUB/EOS LP 初始权重5倍


(2) DolphinSwap的交易手续费80%将发放给流动性提供者,15%将自动回购DOP并销毁,5%用于回购DMD,并交给DMD-DAO进行处理。

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