DMD Token Contract MSIG

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To response the community’s concerns, we now announce that the DMD token contract will be executed multi-sig. We will issue the remain 5,000 DMD for project collaborations to eosdmd4pools, while the other 5,000 DMD which aim to be voted by DMD holders will be controlled by all MSIG participants. A small move, a bigger community !


为了回应社区的顾虑,我们现在宣布DMD代币合约将执行多签。我们将向 eosdmd4pools 发行剩余的5,000 DMD用于项目合作,而旨在由DMD持有人投票的其他5,000 DMD将由所有多签参与者控制。小小的一步,更大的社区!

To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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