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1. What is is the first yield farming on EOS, which shows its respect to YFI. No pre-mine, no founder shares, no VC interests, equality for every participant.

2. What is DMD?

DMD is the token symbol of, whose total supply is 30,000. And which will be distributed to different pools, Diamond is also the DAO token, the will be entirely governed by Diamond holders.

3. How can I mine DMD?

You will need TokenPocket, MathWallet, MeetOne or other EOS wallets to mine Diamond. Choose your targeted pool and click it, and you will see stake options.

4. Is the contract audited?

Not yet, our dev team managed to ask for personal audits from several experienced EOS contract developers. But we have plans to do code audit from bureau or slowmist, and also start the multi-sig with BPs and EOS community.

5. When will the pool begin?

The #USDT, #EOS and #OGX pool will be begun at 2020–09–03 6:30 PM PST time.

6. How long will the mining last?

Each wave has 7 days for mining since its start.

7. How many tokens are included?

For now, we only include the #USDT, #EOS and #OGX, we have plans to include more token from the EOS community.

8. How do I harvest and unstake?

Click the harvest and all your staked assets & earnings for that pool will be transferred to your EOS account.

9. How does the earning calculated?

It’s equally distributed through time. For example, each hour EOS pool generates 2500/7/24 = 14.880952381 DMD.

10. Where will Diamond be listed?

We are considering this part, both Defibox and DFS are good choices. We will have strong communications with them, please stay tuned.

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To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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