Diamond — A Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform

About Diamond

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to crypto finance products without the involvement of banks, governments, commercial institutions, or any kind of centralized organizations. However, the usage of DeFi has been troubled with the challenges of high barriers, high friction costs, high risks, etc., which caused a lot of potential users not to be able to join DeFi products. Hence, Aggregation Financial platforms are introduced as an alternative.

Diamond is a decentralized aggregation financial platform based on EOS public chain and supports multiple DeFi protocols. Users deposit assets into Diamond platform and the platform will automatically distribute the assets to the DeFi protocol with the highest yield according to its own strategy, enabling the highest returns for users.

Diamond Vault

Diamond is exclusively focused on DeFi. Users are allowed to enjoy the highest yield available on the market by one click, which greatly lowered the understanding and usage barriers. Diamond Vault is an open-source protocol and supports the flexible integration with wallets and exchanges.

The current transaction fee on EOS is still low. However, due to the existence of many technical terminologies, like CPU, NET, RAM, users still have trouble understanding and interacting. Diamond Vault enables users to deposit assets and start mining by one click.

Diamond Vault will help users assess the security of a DeFi product. Diamond will only participate in the DeFi products with a high level of security, and try its best to avoid potential scams and attacks.

Diamond Vault finds the best DeFi project in terms of yields through consistently updating its investing strategy. So users don’t have to go through the troubles of calculating and comparing different projects. Innovative revenue model. Different from Ethereum and TRON public chains, we will realize revenue generation without LP token on EOS. With one-click investment, multiple projects can be invested easily, achieving ten or even more benefits.

Diamond Vault will swap all the yields from investment into DMD, and distribute the DMD to all users. Many projects experienced a huge dump and the price went back to zero. However, as Diamond Vault constantly sells tokens out, the low price, even if once occurred, won’t affect users’ yields. The project will also constantly buyback DMD, hence its price is expected to go up. This strategy may cause the value of users’ assets to increase.

To put it simply, Diamond Vault is a fund entrance to EOS DeFi projects and driving force of EOS DeFi ecosystem.

DMD token

DMD is the governance token of the Diamond aggregation financial platform. DMD holders have the right to participate in voting on DIP (Diamond Improvement Proposals), deciding the future development direction of the Diamond platform. Diamond platform will strictly execute on the voting results. The Diamond platform will be deeply integrated with the EOS ecosystem, such as bp voting, cross-chain assets and other multi-parties cooperation. The founding team will maintain the development of the platform in collaboration with the community.

Token symbol: DMD

Total supply: 30,000

The fairest allocation plan

The issuance of DMD has no founders, investors, pre-mining, or inflation. Every participant is equal in Diamond. We hope that we can involve the community members to promote the development of EOS DeFi together through this fair allocation plan. The distribution is divided into three rounds:

Diamond Pool V1




Diamond Pool V2

Partnership 5000

HUB 5000



Diamond Pool V3

5000 in reserve, DMD community will decide the pool by voting

Each pool lasts for 1 week and closes when it’s finished.

Diamond — 去中心化聚合理财平台

DeFi(Decentrlized Finance)是一种没有银行,政府,商业机构等中心化组织参与的加密货币金融产品。DeFi的使用一直存在高门槛,高摩擦成本,高风险等问题,导致大量用户无法参与到DeFi产品中去,于是聚合理财平台应运而生。


Diamond Vault专注于DeFi,用户只需要一键入金即可享受市面最高的DeFi挖矿收益,无需额外操作,从而大大降低理解和使用门槛。Diamond Vault将是一个开放协议,支持钱包,交易所等入口的自由集成。


目前EOS交易虽然手续费较低,但因为CPU,NET,RAM等大量专业术语存在,用户难以理解,产生大量问题,对于新用户的进入不利。而Diamond Vault只需要一键完成充值入金,即可立即开始挖矿,享受DeFi高收益。


Diamond Vault会帮助用户进行DeFi产品的安全评估,Vault只会参与安全性较高的DeFi产品,尽力规避项目方卷款跑路,黑客攻击等问题。


Diamond Vault通过不断的更新策略帮助资金寻找最佳的DeFi收益项目,免去用户对比计算各种DeFi项目收益的麻烦与困扰。创新收益模式,与以太坊及波场公链不同的是,我们在EOS上实现无LP token创收,做到一键投入,即可轻松完成多个项目投入,实现达成十份甚至百份收益。


Diamond Vault会将理财所获得的收益及时兑换成DMD发放给理财用户。曾经多个DeFi项目出现过闪崩问题,而由于Vault将收益一直进行卖出操作,保证闪崩的币价不会影响用户收益。持续被回购的DMD,将产生价格上升预期,该策略有利于用户手中DMD的资产升值。

简而言之,Diamond Vault是EOS DeFi的资金入口,是EOS DeFi生态的发动机。





DMD钻石发行中没有创始人,没有投资人,没有预挖,没有增发,全民平等。我们希望通过这种公平的分配方式让用户一起参与推动EOS DeFi的大发展。分发总计分为三轮:






合作申请项目 5000

HUB 5000






To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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