Proposals about buy-back DMD

1 min readDec 2, 2020


Dear community,
DMD has opened the new proposal, and more will come, here are the first one !

How to deal with the buy-back DMD?

Proposal Options:
a) Burn all buy-back
b) Burn 30% buy-back, 70% as DMD staking reward
c) Burn 50% buy-back, 50% as DMD staking reward
d) 30% as insurance fund,burn 50% buy-back,20% as sponsor grant for community volunteers.
e) 100% for staking reward

How to:
1. Select proposal -> enter the quantity of DMD for vote; You can vote multiple times, but changing voted choice is not allowed.
2. DMD will be released after voting finished, you will need to claim back.
3. DMD participating each proposal must reach min. 30% of total circulating supply (21200 for current time), otherwise, the voting will be void.
4. Total DMD buy-back (until 2020–12–2 11:00 UTC):
253.2144262131 DMD
- Vault Profit : diamondvault 15.4848246609 DMD
- Vault Withdraw Fee : dmdvaultfund 145.5367852912 DMD
- DolphinSwap Fee : dopswapfee12 92.192816261 DMD





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