Community Round Disclose

The block id after 2020–09–07 15:00 UTC


Which means transfers before 2020–09–07 13:08 UTC are invalid.

The HUB Community Round qualified success list is as follows:

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A total of 193 people are eligible for this Community Round, and the remaining 14,000 HUB will be distributed in other ways. Please wait for further announcements.

The funds of users who have not entered the qualified success list will be returned back shortly, thank you for your participation!

2020–09–07 15:00 UTC后第一个区块ID为


即2020–09–07 13:08 UTC前的转账为无效转账


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本次社区轮总计合格名单193人,剩余的14,000 HUB将由其他形式进行发放,发放方式请等待进一步公告


To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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