Announcement of DolphinSwap launch

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Dear community, DolphinSwap has passed the audit and will be officially launched at 11:00 UTC on 2020–10–18, and the following work arrangements will be made:

  1. The current mining pool will continue to produce until 1 hour before the official launch
  2. In order to ensure stability and excessive, liquidity mining will be opened 24 hours after the official launch, that is, 2020–10–19 11:00 UTC. Liquidity mining token, that is, 240,000 DOP in the first week and 180,000 DOP in the second week, 120,000 DOP in the third week, and 60,000 DOP per week thereafter.
  3. Liquidity mining pair, ratio and weight:

DOP/EOS — 80/20 — 15x

DMD/EOS — 80/20 — 5x

HUB/EOS — 80/20 — 5x

DEOS/EOS — 80/20 — 2x

USDT/EOS — 20/80 — 2x

OGX/EOS — 50/50 — 0.5x

KEY/EOS — 50/50 — 0.5x

In order to ensure LP mapping, please migrate your liquidity to DolphinSwap before 2020–10–19 11:00 UTC.

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