Adjustments of DOP Staking Vault

Dear community, since the DOP Staking Vault went live on 2020–10–26, we have received the love and support of community users. We express our heartfelt thanks.

However, after running for 2 days, we found that the actual situation deviated from our expectations. This was mainly reflected in the high weight of long-term fixed deposits, which caused many users who did not want to lock for a long time, lose the motivation to deposit DOP in the vault.

The original intention of the DOP vault is to make more users willing to deposit DOP in the vault to form a consensus on value. We are very sorry that the expected results have not been achieved.

To make the project run in a longer and sustainable state, we therefore made the following adjustments to the staking weight:

Weight adjustment :

Effective time:

2020–10–29 08:00 UTC

Note: Due to the weight change, DOPs that have been deposited (more than or equal to one month) will have one chance to get them back before 2020–11–12 04:00 UTC. Users who need to change please make adjustments in time!

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