About EFi Ecology Projects

Dear community,

In order to make the EFi ecosystem and EOS’s DeFi diversified, the EFi team has launched the Grant plan, and has funded two projects, and is also negotiating with a third project. Now briefly introduce the funded projects:


Integrating multiple mining modes, it is a fair, free, safe, founder-free, no pre-mining, no fundraising, no routine, and equal, DeFi Trading Mining + Liquidity Mining + Gaming based on the EOS mainnet, everyone has the opportunity to become a real DeFi rockstar.


The first decentralized modular mining platform on EOS connects project parties and users to provide one-stop decentralized mining services. Mining provides modular and combinable mining components such as automatic token generator (TAG), smart customized mining pool (SCMP), mining value-added services (MVS), economic model construction (EMC), etc., to solve the existence of mining communities. To build a safe and efficient mining infrastructure and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of DeFi. BestMine’s vision is a triple-win situation for the platform, project parties and users.

Project №3

Focusing on the characteristic of the EFi ecosystem, the project will carry out a tokenization model. Please stay tuned for more details.

We also welcome more developers to contact us and carry out Lego-style combined development around EFi ecology and EOS DeFi ecology.