EFi is committed to promoting and integrating the development of the entire EOS ecosystem, including DeFi and Dapps. EFi will lead EOS to a whole new level.

Why EOS?

For a long time, Ethereum has always been the leader of DeFi, but the high fees and complicated DeFi logic of Ethereum have prevented a large number of users from really participating in DeFi applications. And another application-based public chain, TRON, is too centralized. Projects that cannot be recognized by Justin are difficult to develop.

EOS, as a public chain with excellent performance, is more suitable than any public chain to undertake user groups that cannot be reached by Ethereum DeFi.

How to ensure the safety of funds?

EOS’s DeFi ecosystem has just begun, and the infrastructure is not complete. In addition, it has been criticized because the EOS contract can be modified after deployment.

However, with the emergence of a large number of EOS applications in the past two years, the current contract vulnerabilities are very rare. As long as the formal audit is conducted, the EOS contract security can be guaranteed.

The EOS contract can be modified after deployment, and it can be solved by multi-signature or private key destruction. Due to the emergence of multi-signature, the DeFi application on EOS is more flexible and reliable, and problems can be repaired in a more timely manner, and there will be no YAM Tragedy on Ethereum.

What is EFi going to do?

Compared with ETH, the current DeFi applications in the EOS ecosystem are still very rudimentary. The emergence of EFi will complement the DeFi shortcomings on EOS, and give full play to the application advantages of EOS at the same time. Applications such as games on EOS will take off again with DeFi.

Diamond (already online)

Diamond is the first EFi project. It first promotes the entire EOS ecosystem through lock-in mining, which not only drives the price of EOS, but also attracts the attention of the entire blockchain field, and will further promote the issuance of the stablecoin USDT on EOS. In the future, Diamond will turn to financial management (vault) so that users can get the most benefits from locked assets.

DMD 💎 will be the token to link the whole EFi ecology.

Benchmarking project: Ethereum YFI, which current market value is $928,706,674

eHUB (upcoming)

eHUB is an open protocol that can realize private cross-chain value transfer without permission. The eHUB network (with SDK attached) allows developers to introduce cross-chain assets into their applications.

For example, you can deposit your own native BTC or ETH as collateral into its eHUB gateway, and the smart contract of the eHUB virtual machine will issue corresponding hETH on EOS.

eHUB can greatly expand the value carrying of existing DeFi applications and create a brand new business model.

Benchmarking project: Ethereum Ren Protocol, which current market value is $339,112,293

eMulti (not online)

eMulti is an automatic market making protocol similar to Uniswap, but with many differences from Uniswap, eMuti’s liquidity pool will support multiple currencies, and the usual SWAP project can only support two.

Secondly, weights can be set for each currency, so there is no need to ensure that the dollar value of each currency in the pool is equal, like Uniswap, and the asset allocation of the market maker will be more flexible.

The creator of the eMuti liquidity pool has the authority to modify the parameters of the liquidity pool, but in terms of revenue, all liquidity providers are the same.

Benchmarking project: Ethereum Balancer, which current market value is $171,451,091

eMutual (not online)

eMutual is a mutual-aid insurance used to provide risk protection for all products on EOS.

eMutual is a mutual-aid insurance solution in which members of the mutual-aid association contribute funds and share risks. You can purchase insurance to reduce asset losses caused by Smart Contract code defects or hacker attacks on EOS.

eMutual will greatly reduce users’ financial concerns about participating in DeFi or other products on EOS.

Benchmarking project: Ethereum Nexus Mutual, which current market value is $323,378,606

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