1st Round voting of DMD holders

  1. The voting weight on the first day is 3, the voting weight on the second day is 2, and the voting weight on the third day is 1.
  2. The number of votes and the weight will ultimately affect the number of rewards
  1. The Diamond team will offer 5,000 HUB to reward all voting holders, of which 3,000 HUB will be distributed by all voting holders according to the voting weight, and the remaining 2,000 HUB will be rewarded to the top three users who voted, the top three will get 1,000 HUB, 700 HUB, and 300 HUB respectively.
  2. At the same time, the project party that finally won the DMD mining pool will give an airdrop reward to the DMD holders participating in the voting. The project party participating in the voting please contact us to discuss the airdrop reward plan for the participating DMD holders. The airdrop plan will be announced in time during the voting process.



  1. 第一天投票权重为3,第二天投票权重为2,第三天投票权重为1
  2. 投票数量与权重的乘积,将最终影响投票结果与获得投票奖励数量


  1. Diamond团队将拿出5000 HUB对所有参与投票的持币者进行奖励,其中3000 HUB将由所有参与投票的持币者按照权重进行分配,剩余2000 HUB将奖励给投票前三名的用户,前三名分别获得1000 HUB,700 HUB,300 HUB。
  2. 同时,最终获得DMD矿池的项目方将对参与投票的DMD持币者进行空投奖励,参与投票的项目方请与我们联系,商议对参与投票的DMD持币用户进行空投奖励的方案,空投方案将在投票进程中及时公布。






To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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To build an all-inclusive DeFi DAO & ecosystem on EOS.

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